She Went On A Date With A Guy Who Had Nothing To Talk About So They Sat In Silence For 10 Whole Minutes

They end up walking to the event, but when they arrive, they realize that the event does not start for another hour. So Zoey starts to strike up some conversation with her date.

She quickly realizes, however, that the conversation is mostly revolving around her.

She is trying her best to ask him questions and get him more involved in the conversation, but she just finds him to be pretty short, dull, and boring with his answers.

“It’s not like he’s not interested like I can tell he’s interested. He just has nothing to talk about,” explains Zoey.

The event begins, good music starts to play, and good drinks are being had. Zoey still finds herself talking about herself despite the numerous questions that she’s asking her date.

She starts to feel like she’s pulling teeth trying to get him to talk more.

She decides to do a little experiment on her date and see if he will start up a conversation on his own if she stays quiet for 10 minutes. She figures he has to, right?

“He doesn’t, and I sit there in silence for 10 minutes because I am sick of carrying this conversation, and my throat kind of hurts right now”, Zoey says.

At this point, they decide to go dancing, and although Zoey thought he was a great dancer, she still felt bored with him overall. At the end of the night, he walks her back home and attempts to kiss her, but Zoey does not want to.

After the date ends, Zoey is certain that she wants to ghost this guy, but she wants to go about it in a mature and respectful way. He messaged her to say that he had a great time with her that night and wanted to plan to meet up again soon.

Zoey replied, explaining that she did not think they were a good match. His response to that left her stunned.

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