She Went On A Third Date With A Guy Who Wanted To Play Truth Or Dare, And Then He Revealed That He Had Just Slept With His Friend

Their vacations ended 2 days ago, and he instantly made plans with her to come to her house and make spaghetti with her for dinner since he thought it would be a nice birthday gesture for her.

“We were having such a good night. It was like just stepping back into place after almost a month of not seeing each other,” she added.

“Keep in mind we have not slept together yet. So, after dinner, we get a bottle of wine and get cozy. We’re talking about life and things in general when we decided to play truth or dare. That was my second mistake, lol. The questions started out innocent enough until I just had to ask.”

What she asked him about the last time he had slept with a girl, and he didn’t want to answer her. But then, he wanted to know if she wanted the truth or a lie.

She demanded the truth, and he revealed to her that he had just slept with one of his friends that he had gone on vacation with.

“I was really stunned like I wasn’t even angry or mad, literally just like shocked and a bit disgusted, if I can be honest,” she continued.

“I kind of just stared at him and said really over and over, like in confusion. We were both literally on our trips not even a full week ago. It just really took me by surprise cause we talked the entire time. I mean, of course he wouldn’t mention it at the time, but I felt a little betrayed and a lot hurt.”

He then questioned her if she was angry, and she said that she was pretty turned off instead of angry.

She does feel jealous, and she feels upset that he would hook up with another girl so casually when it seemed that they had a connection.

“I am a hopeless romantic, and I try to be wary of that cause it can be easy for me to just fall really hard for someone, but I had a lot of faith in this guy,” she said.

“He still is open to hanging out and treated me nicely the rest of the night, but now I guess I need to decide if I want to see him again.”

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