She Works As A Hairstylist And Had To Tell A Girl Who Came Into Her Salon That She Couldn’t Cut Her Hair Because It Was Knee-Length

“When she took her hair down, I noticed it was much longer than I expected,” she recalled.

“I asked her how long her hair was, and she said it was knee-length. She brushed her hair back so that it was all going down the back of the chair, and it was well past the length I was comfortable cutting at.”

The issue is that she has a bad knee and is expected to have surgery, so she wouldn’t have been able to kneel down to cut the long hair. 

She called the mom over and apologized, telling her she wouldn’t be able to cut her daughter’s hair. The mom was annoyed and asked for a refund for the booking fee she had to pay when she made the appointment.

Unfortunately, she didn’t have the power to offer the mom a refund and reminded her that the booking fee was non-refundable.

So, the mom asked if she could speak to a manager, and she ended up speaking to the salon owner.

“The owner of the salon did refund her the money,” she recalled. “She told me that I shouldn’t have taken the booking if I couldn’t cut hair that long.”

She had to explain to the mom that the receptionist, who knew she had a knee problem, had never specified just how long her daughter’s hair was, so it was all a big miscommunication. The mom was still angry when she left the salon with her daughter and has been writing bad reviews on the salon’s Facebook page.

Was she wrong to refuse to cut the extremely long hair, or did she handle the situation well?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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