She’s In Love With Her Male Coworker, But He’s In Love With Another Female Coworker Who Is Already Engaged

“It’s devastating, especially knowing that she is engaged and I don’t understand the situation,” she said.

“We often hang out with her and her fiancé, too, and they seem so in love.”

Nonetheless, her female coworker keeps saying things about their male coworker and claiming that he was just too late since the engagement had already happened.

Plus, her male coworker also talks about the woman, believes they are exactly alike, and claims he has never felt so comfortable with anyone else.

So, it has been seriously upsetting for her– especially since both coworkers know about her crush.

“And they are now very affectionate to each other. He even sent her to the hospital when she was sick at work once, goes on drives with her during work, and they wake each other up and keep visiting each other during work,” she added.

Yet, her male coworker also keeps talking to her on the side. He gets close to her, and they have even gotten physical. But then, he pulls away. And this whiplash has been killing her.

She knows that the situation is not good, but she just can’t seem to let go of her crush. She has even started seeing a psychiatrist because she is having trouble dealing with all of her bottled-up emotions.

Still, in the back of her mind, she just keeps hoping that, if she sticks around, her male coworker will eventually like her back– especially because their other coworker will finally be tying the knot soon.

“But I also have anxiety that my coworker might leave her fiancé and be with the guy I like,” she vented.

That’s why she seriously has no clue what to do anymore. The situation has consumed all of her energy, and she cannot even manage to go out with any other guys without thinking about her coworker.

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