The Guy She Was Supposed To Go Out On A Date With Got Married A Week Later

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Sometimes, planning a date doesn’t work out for whatever reason. Maybe you feel bummed at first, but sometimes in hindsight, you are thankful it didn’t work and glad you never went on that date.

TikTok creator Ryan Waddell (@ryan_waddell11) shares an almost date story that left her feeling shocked and confused.

Recently, when asked about how her dating life is going, Ryan realized that she hasn’t really had much of one. Growing up, she didn’t really care about getting into a relationship.

“I was bullied a lot for my weight growing up, so I just never had anyone that I knew of that had like romantic interest in me,” Ryan explains. “Even now, as someone in my almost mid-20s, it’s still like not there. I don’t feel bad about it, but I have one date story that’s really bad, and it’s the only date I’ve ever been asked out on.”

One of Ryan’s good friends was getting married and was looking for a photographer to capture the moments of her special day.

Ryan agreed to do it for her as a gift, and the two friends planned to meet up to talk about photo plans and ideas.

During that period of time, Ryan was talking to a former friend of hers whom she had met due to their shared musical interests.

Ryan considered him to be a good friend in the past, so when he asked her out on a date during their reconnection, she agreed and thought, “Why not?”

However, she was not able to make it to the date with him. Her friend, who was getting married soon, could only meet up to talk about photos on a specific day, so Ryan had to cancel on her date. But he and her still continue to have normal and friendly conversations with one another.

IVASHstudio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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