The Guy She Was Supposed To Go Out On A Date With Got Married A Week Later

It’s her friend’s wedding day, and Ryan is busy taking lots of photos. During dinner, her friend tells her that she doesn’t really need pictures of people eating, so she tells Ryan to go get herself some food.

As she’s eating, she starts to scroll on her phone and cannot believe what she sees.

“All of a sudden, I see the guy that I was supposed to go on a date with that like had asked me out updated his status on Facebook,” Ryan says, “and it said married. Married!”

Not knowing what to do or say, Ryan congratulates her former friend/almost date and is left feeling so confused.

“The only date I’ve ever been asked on was by a guy who then got married like a week later,” Ryan says. “Not even engaged, married!”


my lovely friend told me I needed to share this story, but it sums up my dating life perfectly. #fyp? #baddatestory #storyofmylife #enjoymymisery #viral #datingstorytime #storytime #datinginyour20s #hopeyouenjoy

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