He Returned His Sister’s Wedding Gift Because She Treated His Girlfriend Terribly

omelnickiy - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Weddings can, unfortunately, cause stress and tension for everyone involved. This man and his girlfriend, Naomi, whom he has been dating for over a decade, dealt with a lot of drama when his younger sister Sarah announced her engagement.

Throughout the years, Sarah and Naomi were never close, but when Sarah was in high school, Naomi helped her out with personal problems she was dealing with.

Apparently, Sarah had been so moved by this that she asked Naomi to be a bridesmaid immediately after telling him and Naomi about her engagement.

While he and Naomi hadn’t been at all expecting this, Naomi was excited because she’d never been a bridesmaid before and thought this would be her only chance. Naomi was very appreciative of the opportunity.

However, things quickly took an unfortunate turn.

“A few weeks later, Sarah posts her ‘bridesmaid proposals brunch.’ Naomi wasn’t there. Sarah never said it to either of our faces directly, but clearly, she’d changed her mind. Naomi was hurt but said she understood because she hadn’t expected the ask anyway,” he explained.

Several months later, Sarah reached out to ask Naomi to go to her bachelorette party, as well as to get ready with her friends and bridesmaids.

Naomi agreed, and then she helped Sarah find a location and place to rent for the bachelorette party. Sadly, Sarah once again left Naomi out.

“A month and a half before the wedding, I’m talking to my mom on the phone, and she mentions that Sarah’s at her bachelorette party. There was no mention of it to Naomi. Now I’m kind of angry because Naomi was clearly very hurt at two invites and then being sort of ghosted,” he shared.

omelnickiy – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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