Her Boyfriend Is In His 40s And Wants To Have Sleepovers With His Friends, Which She Finds Completely Weird

Manny DaCunha - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 49-year-old woman has a boyfriend who is 44, and they have been dating for the last decade now.

She says that her boyfriend is hardly mature, and he basically looks to her to provide everything in his life, including rent and other things you need to live as an adult.

Although her boyfriend is employed, he has to pay child support. Then, his remaining money from his paycheck he blows on video games, cartoon figurines, and hanging out with his friends.

He does give her $100 from every one of his paychecks, but that’s hardly enough to help cover their expenses or groceries.

She honestly has been left working two jobs in order to support the both of them. But if that’s not bad enough, her boyfriend really doesn’t help out around their house at all, and he’s gotten into a habit of wanting to have sleepovers with his friends.

He’s charismatic and people really do like him, so he does have a ton of friends, but she just doesn’t understand why he needs to have sleepovers with them since they’re all adults; not kids.

“If I ask him to do anything he calls me lazy,” she explained. “I am just about sick of all of this, and I fantasize about him moving out, but he can’t because he can’t afford it.”

“The thing that is bugging me lately is he likes to have sleepovers with his friends. I get that if you want to have a bender once or twice a year with old buddies and stay someplace so you don’t want to drive home, but this is twice a month.”

“All I know is I want some peace and after 10 years we should have it. Am I overreacting here? The sleepovers are a bit weird, am right?”

Manny DaCunha – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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