Her Daughter Isn’t Happy That She’s Trying To Force Her To Switch Schools And Go Where Her Stepchildren Are

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This woman and her ex-husband share custody of their 12-year-old daughter Kelly, who was only 3 when the couple separated.

They have a court order that both of them must split the cost of her private school education until she graduates from high school, and since starting school, Kelly has been enrolled in a STEM-focused institution.

Kelly loves going to school there, but getting there is often a challenge since it is about a 45-minute drive from their house, and there are no relatives or friends that could help out with taking her daughter.

Since Kelly lives with her during the week and with her ex on the weekends, the responsibility to get her to and from school always falls on her.

Last year, she got remarried to a man who has a 16 and 17-year-old. Both of his children attend a private school that is nearby, and like Kelly’s school, their institution also does not provide any bussing.

The family doesn’t have any extra vehicles for the older children to use, so it’s often a struggle to get all three of the kids to two separate schools on time.

Her new husband is a widower and starts work early each day, so again, the responsibility falls on her.

“My stepchildren’s private school doesn’t have before or after school programs and starts after Kelly’s. It’s a tight squeeze to get her there, then get back to their school,” she explained.

So, after a lot of discussions, she and her husband decided it would be best if they transferred Kelly to the stepchildren’s school.

ID 174084133 – © Byswat –

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