She’s Dating A Guy 17 Years Older Than Her, And Her Friends Think The Age Gap Is “Weird” And “Inappropriate”

Nataliia Zasibna - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 33-year-old woman recently started dating an older man who is 50-years-old. Apparently, most of her friends also think that her new relationship is just inappropriate and weird.

For context, they first met at work when she happened to be transferred to the same department that the guy worked in.

Then, they were friendly with each other from the beginning, but their relationship never progressed beyond that until she stopped working at the company.

It was not until about eight months later that she left that job and landed a new position elsewhere that was reportedly better suited for her. Afterward, she did not talk to or see the guy for a few more months.

Well, that was until they actually bumped into each other at a take-out place that she likes to frequent.

Following that chance encounter, she and the guy started meeting for lunch at the same take-out place every weekday. They also decided to exchange numbers.

Then, over time, their relationship started to become more romantic and intimate.

“I’ve had terrible luck with relationships in the past, and dating apps make me want to pull my hair out,” she admitted.

But after she met this man, she thought she had seriously lucked out. She believes that he is a really good guy.

Nataliia Zasibna – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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