Her Friend Had Her Engagement Dinner Party At A Super Expensive Restaurant She Couldn’t Afford, And Her Friend Says She Feels Embarrassed She Didn’t Order Anything

Alexey - - illustrative purposes only

This 23-year-old girl, while she has a job and earns some money, doesn’t consider herself to be very wealthy.

Her friend, Jane, recently got engaged, and to celebrate, her future in-laws flew in to visit from another country.

Since they lived far away, Jane had never actually met her partner’s parents before, so Jane decided that she would throw an engagement party dinner for all of the family to get to know one another.

Jane invited her and another friend to attend the dinner as well, and it was going to be held at Jane’s house.

However, the morning of the dinner, Jane’s air conditioning went out,  and since it was super hot out, Jane decided to have the party at a restaurant instead. Although this seemed like the best choice, Jane ended up choosing a really expensive restaurant.

“My heart immediately sank because I knew I simply couldn’t afford this place, especially with such short notice,” she explained.

She felt pretty embarrassed but decided to tell Jane, who has always been more wealthy, that something came up and she, unfortunately, would not be able to attend the dinner that night.

Jane got pretty quiet after that and started to beg her to come along, promising that she would make it up to her. Out of guilt, she decided to attend the dinner.

So, she got dressed up and drove an hour to get to the nice restaurant, and when she arrived, she sat next to Jane and across from Jane’s future mother-in-law.

Alexey – – illustrative purposes only

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