His Brother Accused Him of Spoiling His Wife Too Much And Trying To “Compensate” For A Bad Marriage

halayalex - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 28-year-old guy and his brother, who is 35, come from a “comfortable” family. Growing up, it was pretty well-known that his brother would one day take over the family firm.

However, his brother wound up wanting to become an engineer, so that didn’t happen. Instead, he stepped in and took over the business– because, apparently, he genuinely enjoyed it.

Alongside running the firm, he has also invested money and now has multiple income streams.

And since his wife came from a more “unfortunate” background, he now likes to fulfill her childhood dreams with the wealth he has built.

“I love to see her face when I take her to new places and buy her new things,” he said.

“And I honestly think that’s what she deserves. She has worked hard her whole life, and I just want to make the rest of her life easier.”

His goal is never to burden his wife with the same challenges she encountered as a child. Additionally, he knows that she struggles with her mental health.

So, he is glad to take her on vacations or send her on her own. That way, she can clear her mind and simply enjoy herself.

Now, he did admit that he is pretty obsessed with his wife. So, he realizes that he can sometimes go a bit overboard. But he doesn’t really care and thinks this is just his way of showing his wife love through his own love language.

halayalex – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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