His Family Expected Him And His Pregnant Wife To Sleep In A Bunk Bed On A Trip They All Took, So They Left

New Africa - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This man and his family went out of town, about 8 hours away, for a wedding they were all attending.

He has two married sisters, one of whom has a 1-year-old child. And along with him and his wife, his parents decided to rent a vacation home for the whole family to stay together.

However, the accommodation was not suitable for him and his pregnant wife.

The couple arrived around 30 minutes later than the rest of the family, and when he asked which room they would be getting, he thought they were joking with their response!

His mother told him they would be getting the bunk beds, and he went along with it and claimed the top bunk for himself, laughing.

When he was told that he and his 7 1/2-month pregnant wife would actually be sharing the bunk bed, he was shocked!

“While my two other sisters get a room for themselves and their husbands, with queen-size beds, [my wife and I] get the literal kid’s room with a bunk bed!” he explained.

Despite the less-than-ideal sleeping arrangements, the couple didn’t want to cause any issues and were still grateful to the parents for paying for their place to stay.

So, they decided to try out the bunk beds for one night to see how it went.

New Africa – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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