His Family Expected Him And His Pregnant Wife To Sleep In A Bunk Bed On A Trip They All Took, So They Left

At bedtime, they tried to lay on the small beds, but they were hard and uncomfortable.

“It’s extremely uncomfortable even for me, which means my wife was in a lot more pain due to her being pregnant,” he said.

“We toss and turn for a couple of hours, and finally, we both agree to just go sleep on the couch in the living room.”

A few hours later, they tried getting comfortable on the couch, and while it wasn’t easy, it was definitely better than the quality of the bunk beds.

After a couple of hours of sleep, his father woke up and saw them on the couch, so he went back to bed so he wouldn’t disturb them.

Because they didn’t want to create a scene, the couple also decided to head back to the bunk bed room to try and get a little bit more rest while the family was waking up.

“We get around an hour of the worst sleep I’ve ever had and just decide to just wake up and go downstairs, knowing we couldn’t do that for a second night,” he stated.

The couple decided that it was best for them to just book a hotel room for the remainder of the trip, knowing that it would be impossible to get enough good sleep if they stayed there.

They explained the situation to his family, but instead of being accepting or supportive, or apologetic, they became frustrated with the couple.

They claimed that this was just a way for them to distance themselves from the family and that if they left, it would ruin the trip.

Still, the couple stood firm in their decision, prioritizing their well-being and ability to rest.

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