She Put Some Restrictions In Her Will For One of Her Sons, But Not The Other

Anatoliy Karlyuk - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 57-year-old woman has a 28-year-old son named Sam and a 25-year-old son named Alex.

Her late husband, Dean, was the one who took care of all of the finances, and after he passed away last year, he left her everything.

Now that she has been recently diagnosed with cancer, she thought it would be a smart idea to get all of the finances sorted out for her sons.

Alex helped her set up an appointment with her husband’s lawyer, and she finished creating her will. She decided to give her house to Alex and Sam 50/50 but made sure to add some stipulations for Sam.

“Sam is not great at managing money and has gambled in the past. I personally don’t agree with gambling, but Sam is an adult, and it is his money,” she explained.

However, when Sam got married and started a family, she advised him to stop gambling for his wife’s and children’s sake since now his financial decisions would directly impact them, too.

There was a point where Sam’s marriage was a bit fragile for a few years because of his addiction and because he had gambled away their rent money, but they were able to stay together.

Sam is now trying to manage his gambling problem.

After she passes, she wants her house to stay within her family just as it has for the past three generations.

Anatoliy Karlyuk – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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