The Last Time Her Sister Saw Her, She Gave Her A Ride To The School Bus Stop, And Then She Vanished

Facebook - pictured above is Brandee

Last year, Leigh Scoggin went viral on TikTok after making a video to see if anyone in the world could somehow steer her family out of the “rabbit hole” they’ve been trapped in regarding the disappearance of her older sister, Brandee Canipe. 

“She has completely vanished,” says Leigh in her TikTok video. 

“So I need your help, guys. I really need your help.”

Brandee Hope Canipe was 29 when she was last seen in May 2006. Having been married twice, she was also known by the names Brandee Hope McCluney and Brandee Hope Rackley.

Brandee is the eldest of four sisters, the other three being Staley, Paige, and Leigh. All three of them are still actively searching for their big sister. Brandee and her sisters grew up in Shelby, North Carolina. Being 16 years older than her youngest sister, Leigh, Brandee began going off on her own once her sisters became teenagers.

Brandee moved away from home at a young age and was a free spirit. It wasn’t unusual for Staley, Paige, and Leigh to not hear from her or know where she was for months on end and only see her during the holidays or random visits home. 

Brandee would stay in multiple areas of North Carolina, like Winston-Salem and Mocksville. Brandee also had three children, two daughters that lived with her parents in Shelby and a son that lived with his father. Her youngest daughter, Autumn, has fond memories of her mother but was too young to remember the last day she ever saw her. 

Before her disappearance, Brandee moved back to Shelby and worked at a local bar named Rhythm and Cues to be closer to her daughter. The last time Staley saw Brandee was in that bar, one year before her disappearance. 

Leigh was in the fifth grade when she last saw Brandee in 2006. Brandee had visited their home in Shelby with only a few small things on her, like her purse and a bag. She had arrived in her 4-door Buick sedan, the last car she allegedly drove before disappearing. The last time she saw her sister, Leigh remembers Brandee driving her to the school bus stop one morning in her Buick and dropping her off. 

Facebook – pictured above is Brandee

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