He Agreed To Be The Best Man At His Dad’s Second Wedding, But He Doesn’t Want To Cover His Own Travel And Attire Costs

Mikhaylovskiy - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 25-year-old guy’s father, who is 55, will be getting married for the second time in one month. So, he was asked to be the best man.

However, he and his father have a strained relationship, and they don’t interact much aside from engaging in some small talk on the phone.

Apparently, they used to argue a lot while he was growing up, and it was his father’s “controlling nature” that ultimately pushed him away.

Still, despite their relationship not being the best, he didn’t feel like he could turn down his father’s request for him to be the best man.

That’s why he agreed, but there is just one problem. He currently lives a whopping 5,000 miles away, which means that getting to the wedding will be very expensive. Not to mention, he will be forced to use all of his saved-up vacation time from work.

“For months, I’ve told my dad that I can visit. I just asked that he cover my flight and tuxedo, which he agreed to do,” he explained.

“I thought this was fair because I’ve previously flown back to visit family on my own dime twice in the past three years.”

His dad, on the other hand, has yet to spend money on visiting him– even though his dad has gone on over 10 vacations to other destinations.

Well, in spite of their original agreement, his dad has begun trying to guilt trip him into paying for both his travel expenses and his tuxedo. In fact, they aren’t even able to talk on the phone anymore without the topic coming up and them getting into a huge argument.

Mikhaylovskiy – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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