He Constantly Argues With His Wife About Her Lack of Basic Safety Precautions In Her Daily Life, But She Just Says He’s Controlling

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This man and his wife, both in their early 30s, constantly argue about his wife’s lack of basic safety precautions in her daily life.

The habits his wife has aren’t necessarily life-threatening, but they do have a certain level of risk, and his wife could easily change her behaviors in order to be safer.

“Walking with scissors–everyone learns the proper way to walk with scissors, right? You hold the blade and not the handle, so you don’t impale yourself when you fall. My wife insists this is stupid and hurts her hands and insists she won’t fall,” he said.

The next semi-dangerous thing his wife does that bothers him relates to cooking. When she has pots and pans on the stove, she doesn’t have the handles positioned correctly.

“One of the most basic aspects of kitchen safety is to turn the pot handles such that you won’t accidentally bump them when moving about the kitchen. She refuses to do this and will consistently put the pot handles in dangerous orientations. She again claims this is a dumb rule and that I’m being paranoid,” he explained.

The last habit that bothers him the most is when his wife uses her laptop in the car while he’s driving them somewhere.

“I’ll admit this one is a stretch, but I sometimes ask her not to use her laptop while we are driving as I’m worried about the airbags forcefully pushing it into her face and turning a potentially small impact into something much worse. She says the risk is small, so she’s fine accepting it,” he shared.

Apparently, his wife is never working on anything crucial when she’s on her laptop in the passenger seat, and he believes that she could easily wait until they reach their destination to use her computer.

While he and his wife have had this fight on numerous occasions, they always come to the same conclusion: his wife believes that he’s being “paranoid” and trying to “control” her behavior, and he thinks that these are just common safety practices that every person is aware of from childhood on, and they don’t require much effort to adhere to.

ID 18637478 – © Nyul – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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