He Hates Dogs, So When His Office Attempted To Go Dog-Friendly, He Shut It Down By Saying He Might Quit, And Now His Coworkers Are Calling Him Selfish

carles - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or dog

This 35-year-old guy admits that he hates dogs. He tries not to really tell anyone about this because when he reveals that he hates them, everyone wants to know what is wrong with him.

He currently works in an office with around 35 other people. Neither he nor his coworkers have the ability to work from home since they need to collaborate face-to-face a ton.

He really does like his job, and recently, an annual benefits review was done, and during that process, his office said they were open to suggestions for new kinds of benefits they could offer.

“I was in the final group to have a discussion,” he explained. “The topic of a dog-friendly office came up.”

“They said this was likely to be implemented based off the feedback so far. They’d test this out with a few Fridays before fully implementing it. I spoke up against this. I explained my reasoning, said it would be a terrible idea, and if implemented, I’d re-evaluate my employment here.”

Well, ever since he basically said he will quit if his office goes dog-friendly, that idea got pretty much squashed.

His coworkers all know that he’s the one to blame for ruining the dog-friendly potential that they were hoping for.

His coworkers were thrilled at being able to bring their best friends to work with them, and since that’s not going to happen, he has made a lot of enemies.

“My coworkers and I went to a happy hour, and I got the cold shoulder from many of them,” he said.

carles – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or dog

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