He Spent $500 On A Flight To New York City To Take A Girl Out On A Date, But After 30 Minutes Together, She Wasn’t Interested - illustrative purposes only

Big, romantic gestures clearly aren’t just made for the movies because this 28-year-old guy spent $500 on a flight to New York City to take a girl out on a date.

He first met this girl online, and they talked to one another for an entire month. Through text, she came across as sweet and hilarious.

He really felt that they were getting along wonderfully, and although he asked her if she would like to do a video call, she said no.

She did say a lot of things to him throughout their conversations that led him to believe she could be the one for him.

She was family-oriented, she told her dad about him, and so, he figured that he should make a bold move and take a risk, which was flying across the country to meet this girl.

He booked his flights, and he booked a $300 hotel to stay at for 3 days. He and this girl then agreed to grab lunch together before heading to a library and exploring the city.

When he met her for the first time, he gave her a hug, and then they sat down to have lunch. Lunch went great, but it only lasted 30 minutes.

At that point, this girl told him her parents were texting her, and she needed to go. He was so surprised, and his stomach began to sink.

He really couldn’t believe that he had flown all the way there and made such an enormous effort, only for her to say she had to leave. – illustrative purposes only

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