Her Boyfriend Called Her Crazy After She Covered His Tattoos When He Was Sleeping In Preparation For A Family Dinner

ID 157862650 - © Irina Lysikova - - illustrative purposes only

This 24-year-old met her boyfriend, 26, at a beach party at the beginning of the summer.

“He’s just my type in every way: handsome, caring, kind, and a true gentleman. Like, literally perfect. He’s also tattooed, which I find incredibly attractive (I’ve always found tatted guys hot, but never dated one,” she said.

Since she’s starting to think about this relationship more long-term, she wants her boyfriend to meet her parents.

She has three older brothers, and as the only daughter, her entire family is very particular about the men she introduces them to.

“The basic rules are: He should only drink socially, no substance users/smokers, and NO TATS. My boyfriend is not the type of guy I’d typically date, but I find him very attractive, and his tattoos make him even hotter. (It’s not something I can help, despite my parents’ wishes),” she explained.

Not too long ago, her boyfriend was invited to dinner with her and her family. Since this was the first time he’d be meeting her family, she was really anxious.

“I explained to my boyfriend that he should PLEASE cover his tattoos and project classiness just for this one dinner. He refused and said that my parents should accept him for who he was. I told him that we don’t live in perfect la la land where people won’t judge him for things like that. We argued about this over several days, and he didn’t even change his mind even slightly,” she shared.

The morning of the family dinner, she woke up earlier than her boyfriend. While he was still sleeping, she covered his tattoos with makeup. Even though she knew he’d be mad, she really didn’t know what else to do.

Later, he woke up and was really angry. He said that she “crossed major boundaries by ‘doodling’ on him while he slept.”

ID 157862650 – © Irina Lysikova – – illustrative purposes only

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