Her Boyfriend Is Furious With Her For Hanging Out With Some People Her Own Age At The Beach While On A Family Vacation

Atiwan Janprom - - illustrative purposes only

This girl and her boyfriend have been dating for a little more than a year. She’s very outgoing and loves meeting new people.

That being said, she really hates to be alone, and it’s kind of traumatic for her. Currently, she’s on vacation with her family, and her cousin actually went to their exact destination a year ago.

While her cousin was there, he ended up making some friends their own age.

“It’s been raining for the past three days, meaning I didn’t really have the chance to go out,” she explained.

“I sent messages to my boyfriend telling him how much I was bored and complaining, and I also cried about the fact that these vacations are nothing like I expected them to be. I was really lonely and depressed by the weather.”

Finally, the weather cleared up, and the sun came out, so she and her family headed to the beach. They all ended up sitting close to a group of people her own age, and her dad was cracking some jokes with them.

They all started playing volleyball together, and after their day was done and they returned back to where they were staying, she messaged her cousin to ask if she happened to have run into the friends he had made last year.

It turns out that the people she was playing volleyball with earlier that day were indeed the friends her cousin had made.

He then gave her the social media profile of one of the guys, so she reached out to this guy to explain that she had played volleyball with him and his friends that day and that he had also met her cousin last year.

Atiwan Janprom – – illustrative purposes only

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