Her Boyfriend Of Six Months Wants To Go Away On A Trip With His Ex, And She Has No Idea How To Handle This Situation

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This 25-year-old woman has known her boyfriend, who is also 25, for about a year. But they’ve only been officially dating for six months, and he recently threw her for a loop after asking if she would mind if he went on a trip with his ex-girlfriend for a couple of days.

She was obviously caught off guard and told her boyfriend that, honestly, she would mind.

However, according to him, his ex-girlfriend had planned the trip and intended to go alone regardless of whether he went or not. Then, his ex asked him to tag along.

Her boyfriend detailed how his ex was dating casually but was not going out with anyone serious. He also pointed out how, in their past relationship, he and his ex mutually realized they just were not compatible as partners before having an amicable split.

So, her boyfriend and his ex remained good friends after the breakup, and she was previously aware that they still sometimes spoke or hung out alone.

“And I didn’t have a problem with it,” she admitted.

“I don’t want to tell him what to do or set ‘rules’ because I believe people can be friends with their exes, and I believe if someone wants to cheat, they’ll do it regardless of my arbitrary ‘rules.’ So, I try to trust my partner to be open with me.”

Once her boyfriend brought up the idea of taking an entire trip with his ex, though, she started to have second thoughts.

Her boyfriend tried to claim that she never minded in the past when they spoke, and he didn’t understand what was different about him and his ex going away together.

ID 20178045 – © Ariwasabi – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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