Her Friend Accused Her of Being Condescending Towards Their Waitress With Down Syndrome When They Met Up At A Café

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Have you ever been called out for saying something you didn’t think was inappropriate?

One woman’s friend texted her after meeting her at a café and told her she was condescending towards their waitress with Down syndrome. 

She’s 29 and recently met up with her 27-year-old friend for lunch at a café. It was a place they had never tried before, but the atmosphere was lovely, and she thought they had a great time. 

But then, later that day, her friend texted her upset and said she did something at lunch that made her uncomfortable.

The café was one of those places where you order at the counter, and then a staff member brings your food out to you. So, after she ordered for her and her friend, she returned to their table.

“A few minutes later, a waitress brought over our coffees, and it was clear that she had Down syndrome,” she recalled.

“This was no issue. I think it is lovely that she is able to find work and is clearly comfortable in the café environment.”

When the waitress set down their coffees, she was very happy and enthusiastic and proudly told them she had made those coffees herself. She wanted to return the enthusiasm and said to the waitress, “Thank you, they look fantastic. Well done!”

Then, the waitress walked away, and she enjoyed her lunch with her friend.

ID 144406460 – © Nd3000 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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