He’s Sharing A Recipe For Summer Garden Pasta, And It’s So Simple That The Only Cooking You Have To Do Is Boil The Noodles

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Calling all fellow foodies! You’re going to want to recreate this dish ASAP. TikToker Shay Spence (@theshayspence) is passing along an easy recipe for summer garden pasta that was developed by cookbook author and chef Ina Garten.

Thousands of recipes out there claim to be simple to follow, but this one tops them all! It can be achieved with very little effort. In fact, the only cooking you’ll need to do is to boil the pasta noodles.

This dish may just look like any other basic tomato pasta, but once you taste it, you’ll realize why it’s so extraordinary. The magic comes from the unique way the tomato sauce is prepared.

You don’t actually have to make the sauce. Rather, the recipe relies on letting the tomatoes marinate for a few hours. The juice will be released from the tomatoes and take on a garlicky and fruity flavor from the olive oil.

When united with the pasta, the tomato sauce clings to the noodles, leaving behind the sweetest and most savory mixture imaginable.

Start by washing a large bowl of cherry tomatoes and cutting them in half. Next, combine the halved cherry tomatoes with freshly chopped basil, garlic, red pepper flakes, salt, pepper, and olive oil.

Cover the bowl with plastic wrap, and let the tomato sauce marinate for at least four hours. Once it’s ready, cook one pound of angel hair pasta and toss the sauce and hot noodles together. Finally, sprinkle on the remaining basil leaves and top it off with a heavy snowfall of grated parmesan.

Serve the pasta dish with some grilled garlic and herb chicken skewers! Several TikTok users offered suggestions on how to take the recipe to the next level.

“Add brie cheese in the marinating tomatoes. Trust me!” exclaimed one user.

radiomarlena – illustrative purposes only

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