Her Future Mother-In-Law Said She’s Not Going To Their Wedding Unless They Change Their Minds About Allowing Children

Volodymyr - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Child-free weddings have been a hotly debated topic lately. This woman and her fiancé’s mutual decision to have a child-free wedding upset her future mother-in-law so deeply that it caused a lot of drama.

Her future mother-in-law’s other son is who her fiancé chose to be the best man. Her fiancé’s brother is going to have a child soon, and by the wedding date, the baby would be about 8 or 9-months-old.

According to her future mother-in-law, she and her fiancé are leaving her fiancé’s brother out of the wedding because he would have to take care of his child.

However, she pointed out that other family members could take care of the baby during the wedding so that her fiancé’s brother could still fulfill his role as the best man.

She and her fiancé broke the news about their decision to have a child-free wedding while on a day out with the family about two months ago, and her future mother-in-law apparently didn’t take the news well.

“My future mother-in-law threw a tantrum… she spent the rest of the day withdrawn and sulking,” she said.

Then, today, the situation escalated even further. Her future mother-in-law called her fiancé and said that if the baby wasn’t allowed at the wedding, then her fiancé’s brother wouldn’t come, either. Given that fact, her future mother-in-law questioned what the point was of her fiancé asking his brother to be the best man if he wouldn’t be able to go in the first place.

She clarified that even though her future mother-in-law claims that her fiancé’s brother won’t be able to attend the wedding, that’s not the case.

She said that her fiancé’s brother had already told her and her fiancé that he’d be able to attend but that his wife probably wouldn’t be able to.

Volodymyr – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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