Her Male Friend Bought Her A Very Expensive Birthday Present, And Her Boyfriend Feels Insecure That She’s Keeping It Since It Cost More Than His Car

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This girl just celebrated her 25th birthday a week ago, and she decided to have a dinner party with her friends before heading out to a club later that night.

Eight people were in attendance, including her 25-year-old male friend named Logan, who she has been close with since they were kids, and her boyfriend Matt, who she has been with for 7 months.

After they had all finished dinner, her friends wanted her to open up her presents before they started on dessert.

Well, when she opened up Logan’s gift, she was surprised to see that he had bought her a very old copy of The Great Gatsby.

This book is incredibly special to the both of them. For a number of years, she and Logan lived in separate countries, and even though they stayed in touch, they never saw one another for 4 years.

Eventually, her parents agreed to pay for her to go visit Logan in 2013, and then she and Logan tried to figure out what they should do together.

She mentioned to Logan that she really would like to go see the movie The Great Gatsby, as it had just been released, and it also is her favorite book of all time.

“Logan had never even heard of it, and I said he had to read it before we went to see the movie,” she explained.

“Logan was never academic, and to this day, it is the only fiction book he’s ever read all the way through (not counting children’s books). Whenever I ask him to do me a favor, he always replies with, “I read The Great Gatsby for you, so I may as well,” and it’s a running joke.”

gstockstudio – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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