Her Male Friend Bought Her A Very Expensive Birthday Present, And Her Boyfriend Feels Insecure That She’s Keeping It Since It Cost More Than His Car

“We always go big on birthdays, but this book means so much to me. The day after, Matt said he felt the book was an inappropriate gift because of how expensive it is. I tried to explain to him that it’s just a sentimental gift and that the cost isn’t the point, but Matt said he feels weird that another man gifted me something that costs more than his car.”

She and Matt argued at length about this, and Matt kept insisting that she had to return the book to Logan.

He also said that if the book was so meaningful to the two of them, then Logan should have no problem holding onto it.

Throughout the entire week, they have been having this exact same disagreement. Matt believes he has a right to feel uneasy, but she keeps telling him he’s being envious and acting like a child.

“It’s not like Logan gave me a giant diamond necklace just to show off, he gave me something heartfelt that means the world to me, and I think that should be more important than the fact that Matt thinks it’s outside what he deems an acceptable budget,” she said.

“My mother is saying to give Matt the benefit of the doubt and maybe ask Logan to keep the book for now, and if one day Matt is more secure, I can take it back. My dad is saying Matt’s an idiot. My girlfriends are split.”

“This argument is just dragging on, and I’m leaving for my birthday trip tomorrow, and I just need some perspective on whether I’m being unreasonable wanting to keep the book?”

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