Her Mom Is About To Move In With Her Prison Pen Pal, Even Though Her Mom Has Never Met This Guy In Real Life

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This 27-year-old woman’s mother, 46, is in a relationship with a man in prison.

Two years ago, her mom went on the website that’s all about writing to prisoners. From there, her prison pen pal quickly became her boyfriend.

“At first, I thought it was a relationship out of convenience because she gets compliments without actually having to see the dude, but now he’s being released, and she’s moving him in,” she said.

Since her grandmother passed away, her 83-year-old grandfather has been living with her mother.

“I’m afraid this dude is going to bleed them dry of all of the money they’re getting from a lawsuit stemming from my grandma’s death,” she explained.

Her two oldest children are 4 and 6, and they have a close bond with her mother. They used to visit her mother at her house and spend the night frequently, but now that her mom’s prison pen pal will be moving in, she obviously won’t be allowing her children to sleep over anymore.

“She’s never even met this man for an in-person visit. I know she’s going to go ballistic because while most normal people would understand not wanting my kids around a stranger from prison, I know my mom’s mindset is, ‘I trust him. How dare you hurt his feelings or insult me!'” she shared.

For many years, her mother has had intense anger issues but has never been treated or gone to therapy to try to find ways to cope in healthy ways. Her mother often lashes out at others, with dramatic reactions to situations that aren’t a big deal.

At this point, she is debating on cutting off contact with her mother, but it’s understandably upsetting because she and her mother used to have a close relationship.

ID 94228432 – © Mimagephotography – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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