Her Son’s Grandparents Told Her That If She Changes His Last Name To Theirs, He’ll Inherit A Ton of Money

ID 45331968 - © Ruslan Huzau - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

In some cases, when a parent isn’t able to step up for their child, the grandparents do.

One woman is in some drama with her son’s grandparents, who have been supportive since their son didn’t choose to be a part of his kid’s life.

However, now that their son has passed, they told her that her son could have their inheritance only if she legally changed his last name to theirs.

She’s 24-years-old and got pregnant after getting involved with a guy during a traveling gap year she took at 19.

“We had fun,” she said. “I was working in a bar to make money while I explored his city. When I got pregnant, he lost interest really quickly…I went home and had my son. I also made sure to get child support. He could afford it. He did fight it, though.”

After proving this guy was the father of her son, his wealthy parents started getting involved and reached out. 

“They have met my son, and they truly do seem to love him,” she explained.

“They have provided gifts for his birthday and Christmas. They helped me with extra money so I could complete my university without going into debt. They have taken us on vacation with them so they could spend time with him. They aren’t my biggest fans, but we are cordial to each other.”

Sadly, three months ago, her baby’s father suffered a bad fall and passed away. She attended the funeral with her son, and while they were there, his parents gave her an interesting offer. 

ID 45331968 – © Ruslan Huzau – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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