Her Stepmom Called Her Selfish And Said She Should Take Out A Loan So She Could Afford To Attend Her Stepsister’s Wedding

fotofrol - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Last year, in December, her sister got engaged and planned to have her wedding in February of this year.

Her sister decided on a “farm-style” theme. Sadly, the wedding was going to be seven hours away from where she lived, which would make traveling to and from the wedding a bit difficult.

“Now, I have been struggling to make it through the month financially and had suffered a salary decrease because the company was running at a loss. I had explained this to my stepsister, and she was very understanding and wasn’t angry in any way,” she said.

However, in January, with only a month until the wedding, her stepmother sent her a text message checking to see if she’d make sure to book her stay for the wedding.

“I had explained to her that I wasn’t going, and boy, this was the worst thing I could have ever said. She had told me that I was being selfish and I should get a loan to go to the wedding,” she explained.

“I had told her that in no way would I go into debt no matter whose wedding it was, and then she began to explain how her sister (who is well off) traveled five hours to come to my baby shower and how my godmother, who lost everything when she moved countries and came back home, had made a plan, traveled, and still decorated my baby shower.”

After that, she told her stepmother that those past circumstances were none of her stepmother’s business and that what others chose to do for her in the past shouldn’t be brought up as if they were relevant to this current situation.

“She then began to tell me that she and my father had arranged to pay off the cookies they had made for my daughter’s first birthday, and now I should pay things forward by making a plan to go to my stepsister’s wedding,” she shared.

“I had told her that a gift should have no expectations and should have no strings attached and that she was disgusting to throw that in my face.”

fotofrol – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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