He’s On The Verge of Breaking Up With His Girlfriend Over The Engagement Ring She Expects Him To Buy

But, his girlfriend’s boss pretty recently said to his girlfriend that he should buy her a ring from Tiffany’s and put down 2/3rds of his salary on it.

His girlfriend’s boss also showed his girlfriend a text message thread between her and another coworker where this coworker got her boyfriend to drop a ton of cash on a 3-carat ring.

He’s convinced his girlfriend’s boss’s views on rings have influenced his girlfriend in a negative way.

So, while he and his girlfriend have been discussing engagement rings together, she made it clear to him that she thinks diamonds grown in a lab are fake and that she doesn’t think they’re as pricey as diamonds that are mined.

He then decided to question his girlfriend about how much she expects him to drop on her engagement ring, but she would not give him a specific number.

“I got irritated that all she seemed to care is about how much I would dish out ’cause that’s not the girl I’m looking for,” he said.

“We went back and forth where I presented her, what’s the difference between a Tiffany’s ring and something from Kay’s jewelry if both diamonds happen to be rated the same? She said Tiffany’s is better. More back and forth, and it just delved to her accusing me of being cheap and not willing to spend on her. Accusing me that I’d buy a ring from Target.”

His girlfriend also stated that if he bought her a ring that was ugly, she would turn down his proposal.

From there, she launched into a complete tirade about how cheap he is, how he made an awful impression when he first met her loved ones, and how he’s taking way too long to finish up his master’s degree.

She just bashed him and bashed him, and what she said truly hurt his feelings. He’s exhausted from dealing with her constantly looking down her nose at him and treating him like trash, and he’s also tired of fighting about what kind of an engagement ring is good enough for her.

He’s not sure he can fix their relationship, and he feels confused that she would make him feel bad about wanting to even propose to her and purchase her a ring in the first place.

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