His Sister Says He Betrayed Her For Allowing Her Ex-Fiancé To Move Into His Apartment Instead of Her

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This 24-year-old guy became fast friends with his 27-year-old sister’s 24-year-old fiancé, Matthew. His sister met Matthew 2 years ago, and they dated for a year before getting engaged and moving in with one another 3 months back.

He and Matthew became super close, and he even asked Matthew to be his plus one to every single work event he’s had to attend.

Matthew would also come over to his apartment to hang out all the time, and then they realized their friends all got along so well that they ended up merging their friend groups together.

“The point is: we’re very close,” he explained. “For years, I’ve joked that “I’m keeping Matt in the break up” or “if you don’t marry him, I will” a ton in the past.”

“I truly meant the former of those statements. There was very little that could happen that would make me cut him out of my life. That all brings us to the fact that two weeks ago, Matt and my sister did break up.”

“And true to my word, he moved in with me almost immediately. I also allowed him to move in with me over my sister, who also asked to do so for a few weeks. The reason I made the decision I did is because I didn’t agree with her actions leading up to the break up whatsoever (she read his journal and broke up with him based on things she read there, which I find to be one of the lowest places you can stoop in terms of invading someone’s privacy).”

His sister is furious with him for choosing Matthew over her, especially since this means his sister has been forced to move in with their mom and dad.

His sister now has to commute more than an hour to her job since she can’t afford to live in the apartment that she had with Matthew anymore.

His sister has accused him of betraying her, and she can’t understand why he didn’t put her first since she’s really his family.

BGStock72 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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