His Wife Just Broke Up With Him, Yet She Expects Him To Still Help Pay For The Majority of The Rent On Their $6,000 A Month New York City Apartment

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This 34-year-old man and his 31-year-old wife both make excellent money at their jobs, and they recently signed a new lease on an apartment in New York City.

Their lease is for the next 12 months, and he admits their apartment is completely and utterly overpriced, as it’s a one-bedroom that costs them $6,000 a month to rent.

He and his wife have been with one another for seven and a half years, but they tied the knot two years ago.

“She’s been stressed about saving money, so I offered to pay $4,500, and she could pay only $1,500. We’re both named on the lease,” he explained.

“She “broke up” with me a month after signing, refuses to see a therapist to attempt to repair, and wants to move to Europe.”

“We have a prenup which considers all of our personal finances separate but says we’ll split joint assets and debts 50/50 (basically furniture and our joint credit card).”

In light of his wife unexpectedly dumping him, he no longer thinks he should be helping her pay for her share of the rent on their apartment.

He thinks he and his wife should both pay $3,000 a month until they can hopefully get out of their lease.

But, that doesn’t seem to be possible, as he asked his landlord if it would be ok for them to exit the lease early.

ID 103701190 – © Llaszlo – – illustrative purposes only

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