His Wife Mentioned To Her Friend That She Doesn’t Think He’s Handsome At All, But He Does Treat Her Great, So He’s Thinking Their Entire Marriage Has To Be Fake

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This 45-year-old guy has a wife the same age as him, and they have been married for 15 long years. They also have a child together.

Up until recently, he really thought that they were still in love and everything was wonderful. But then, he came across an old message that his wife had sent to one of her friends.

In the message, his wife clearly said that she did not think that he was handsome at all, but he does treat her great.

His wife’s friend replied back that this was not the first time she heard her complain about this and that his wife should cut it out since she was being cruel.

“I have mixed feelings since the message is really old, but it hurts a lot since I find my wife very pretty, and I assumed it was reciprocal,” he explained.

This message is so old that it was something his wife sent to her friend right when they first started dating.

So even though the message is basically more than 15 years in the past, it still hurts him greatly to know that she feels like this, or at least did at one point in time.

Now, he wouldn’t call himself handsome in the conventional sense, in case you were wondering, but he is fit, and he has excellent hygiene.

Also, his wife has always mentioned to him multiple times throughout their marriage that she feels incredibly connected to him on a physical and emotional level, and her actions back that up, so he can’t see how she’s not attracted to him.

WavebreakMediaMicro – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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