She Called Her Sister Fat After She And Her Friends Broke Their Family Hot Tub, And Her Mom Is Upset She’s Ruining Her Sister’s Self-Esteem

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This 17-year-old girl has an older sister who is 21, and she absolutely, positively hates her sister with the white-hot intensity of a thousand suns.

She says she cannot ever remember thinking one good thought about her sister; that’s the severity of the hatred she has for her.

This summer, her sister has come home to spend time with their family, and she feels that her sister is making her life miserable.

Last week, their mom and dad went out of town, so her sister and her friends decided to have a party.

“I’m not being mean, but it’s a fact that my sister and her friends are very large,” she explained. “I guess my sister is more “thic,” but the others are big.”

“They got into the hot tub, and while it was too many people no matter what because they are so big, a huge amount of the water overflowed over the side.”

“The hot tub is right outside my window, so I could see and hear that the pump wasn’t getting enough water after they got out.”

She screamed through her window at her sister that she had to put the hose in since it would be a huge problem if the hot tub ran dry.

Her sister shot back to stay out of it. She then went outside to put the hose into the hot tub herself, but by the time she got outside, the pump didn’t sound right to her.

ID 74172030 – © Irina88w – – illustrative purposes only

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