She Hasn’t Shaved Her Legs All Summer, And Her Mom Is Threatening To Punish Her If She Doesn’t Do It Before The School Year Starts

asife - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

We live in a time when women are beginning to break out of the same beauty standards we were pressured to follow years ago.

Many women are choosing to grow out their leg hair these days for various reasons, whether they have to do with aesthetics or being against shaving. 

One teenager hadn’t shaved her legs all summer, and now her mom is threatening to punish her if she doesn’t do it before the school year starts.

She’s a high school student and hasn’t shaved her legs in the last three months. Since it’s been summer vacation, she hasn’t paid much attention to her legs and hasn’t done anything about it.

“The problem is, school starts up again next week, and my mother has [forbidden] me from going to school without shaving my legs,” she explained.

“She actually told me that if I haven’t shaved my legs by the night before the first day of school, she will ‘discipline’ me and then shave my legs herself.”

Despite her mother’s wishes, she doesn’t want to shave her legs. She finds the process time-consuming and uncomfortable, as she often has to deal with itching and irritated skin no matter what method or products she tries. Plus, she believes she can do whatever she wants with her body.

Unfortunately, her mom hasn’t backed down. Her mom claims that having leg hair is unhygienic, even though she has never asked her brother to shave his leg hair. In her mom’s mind, it’s only unhealthy and unnatural when women have leg hair. 

Her mom has also said she’ll get bullied at school if she has leg hair, but she told her mom she doesn’t care about that. 

asife – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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