She Really Doesn’t Want Her Sister’s Baby To Call Her “Aunt,” So Now Her Sister Is Trying To Guilt-Trip Her Into Agreeing

Andrii - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When this 32-year-old woman was younger, she was raised as the second youngest daughter in her family of four kids. She had a sister named Ann, who is now 52, and a brother named Bo, who is 35.

Finally, her youngest “sister” was Cece, who is now 30-years-old.

But, it was not until she turned 14-years-old that she found out Cece was actually not her sister– Cece was really Ann’s daughter.

This was obviously a shocking realization, and her entire family had a tough time dealing with the aftermath.

Apparently, Cece only found out about being Ann’s daughter from some gossiping neighbors– which didn’t help the situation.

Still, everything worked out in the end. By the time Cece turned 18, her parents had sat down with Ann and Cece to explain the entire situation.

“From what Cece told me, Ann got pregnant with her boyfriend, he left, and Ann had Cece and raised her for a little over a year,” she explained.

“Then, Ann met her now-husband, and he told her that he would never accept another man’s child. Ann then decided to put Cece up for adoption, but my parents offered to adopt her instead of her ending up with strangers.”

Anyway, the cat was out of the bag after that. Things have also changed immensely over the past five years since her parents sadly passed away in a tragic accident.

Andrii – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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