She Went On A Date With A Doctor Who Sniffed Her Shoes Because He Had A Special Interest In Feet

Philip - illustrative purposes only

There’s nothing wrong with having a particular fascination with feet. In fact, it’s a pretty common phenomenon. However, there’s a time and a place to reveal such things, and a first date in public certainly isn’t one of them.

TikToker Deavon (@deav91) is discussing how she went on a date with a doctor who had a special interest in feet.

According to a comment, she separated from her ex about a year and a half ago and had just begun her dating journey again. She recently went on a date with a guy who was a doctor.

The date started off well, so she had high hopes for it, thinking it was going to be her lucky break after experiencing so many dating fails. Unfortunately, this turned out to be the worst date she had ever been on in her entire life.

For their date, they went out to a beautiful waterfront restaurant. At dinner, he seemed cute, charming, and professional. Deavon liked him right off the bat.

Then, he suggested they go for a stroll in the park after dinner. The park was only five minutes away from the restaurant, so she agreed. At the park, there was a lovely path that led down by the water, and there were swings to sit down on, which created a very romantic atmosphere.

Plus, she didn’t get any creepy vibes from him and figured it was probably safe to proceed with the walk. However, this was when things took a strange turn.

So she drove herself to the park, following behind him. They parked their cars and started walking. It had rained earlier in the day, and Deavon’s shoe was making a horrible squeaking noise, so she decided just to remove them.

Deavon had been wearing large platform sandals with straps. He offered to carry her shoes for her since they looked heavy. She agreed, believing it to be a gentlemanly offer.

Philip – illustrative purposes only

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