She Works At A Care Home That Used To Be A Hospital, And She’s Had More Than One Spooky Experience While On The Job

interstid - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This woman works at care homes and does reviews with the residents who live there, and she has had more than one spooky experience while on the job.

Her workday can vary between visiting numerous care homes in one day, spending a couple of hours at a time at each one, and spending the entire day at one care home.

Sadly, one of the residents she had previously worked with passed away. The following week, she was in that care home visiting a different resident, and the staff informed her of something pretty scary.

“The staff said that the deceased man’s buzzer hadn’t stopped going off at night since he died. It had never malfunctioned until then,” she explained, adding that his bed remained empty.

At another care home she visited, there was a room in the basement where she often had to go to look at files.

“Something happens in that room: The moment you enter, you become sleepy and lethargic, and when you leave, you wake back up again and go back to normal. Everything feels very heavy. It’s not just me; I asked around at the office,” she shared.

One of the most unnerving encounters she had, though, occurred today while she was working at a larger care home.

She was sitting in the nurse station and looking through files. Then, a man and a woman walked in. She didn’t look up from the files she was reading, but she could see them out of her peripheral vision. The woman was a staff nurse, and she entered the nurse station through the door first, and the man followed close behind.

The woman walked behind her chair, grabbed some paperwork off to one side, and then walked around to sit next to her. After that, she noticed that the man was still off to the side where the woman had just grabbed the paperwork, still in her line of vision, as she continued looking down to read her files.

interstid – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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