She Wound Up Dating The Guy She Told Her Ex-Boyfriend Not To Worry About During Their Relationship, And He Accused Her Of Betraying Him

Maksym Povozniuk - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 24-year-old woman was with her ex-boyfriend, who is 23, for three and a half years. However, she recently decided to break up with him because she simply felt like they were growing apart.

According to her, her boyfriend lacked ambition and was unmotivated. Plus, this was not even the biggest problem.

She had tried telling him that their relationship felt stagnant, and she wanted them to grow and improve together as people.

“I did everything I could as a partner to help him and give him resources, but he didn’t make the effort for our relationship, and I got tired after years of the same thing,” she said.

“So, I eventually broke it off, and it was a pretty civil breakup. He was actually quite understanding.”

However, back when they were dating, she did have a few friendships with guys– which made her boyfriend pretty worried. At the time, though, she did not have any feelings for the other guys and never once thought about cheating.

Still, following her breakup, she and one of her guy friends began chatting more. Then, they gradually formed a relationship two months later.

“He happened to be the guy my ex was quite insecure about and even predicted that we would end up together, which I genuinely disagreed with at the time and told him that that would never happen,” she recalled.

Yet, it did, and the truth came out when she and her ex decided to catch up after a few months. At that point, he admitted to being in a “situationship” before asking if she was dating anyone.

Maksym Povozniuk – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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