She’s Discussing The Importance of Hairbrush Hygiene And Explaining In Detail How To Clean Yours

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Having a hair care routine is important for achieving luscious locks. So, of course, you wash your hair to keep it clean, shiny, and silky smooth.

However, another key aspect to a healthy scalp and abundant hair growth is clean hair tools, including your hairbrush. You may not have ever considered that your hairbrush needs to be cleaned. Sure, makeup brushes are a no-brainer, but a hairbrush? Seriously?

TikToker Hailey (@haileygrahamm) is discussing the importance of hairbrush hygiene and explaining in detail how to clean yours.

If you have grayish-white fuzzies stuck in your hairbrush, you might be wondering what exactly it is. The fuzz is totally normal, although you may find it to be slightly gross once you’re aware of what it is.

Hailey explains that the fuzz is essentially just dust bunnies. To be more specific, it’s a mix of buildup from dust, residue from any hair products, oil, and dead skin cells.

Everyone’s scalps produce natural oils, and as they go through the necessary skin cycles to rejuvenate themselves, dead skin cells will slough off on a regular basis.

Furthermore, if you’re using gel to slick back your hair to create the perfect sleek bun, your brush will collect the product buildup.

If you have an itchy scalp or your hair becomes oily soon after washing it, your hairbrush might be the culprit. By brushing your freshly washed tresses with a dirty brush, you’re basically just applying grime to a clean canvas.

Your scalp is the foundation of your hair, so in order to maintain your overall hair health, you must make sure it’s in tip-top condition!

zsv3207 – – illustrative purposes only

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