She’s Interested In A Guy That She Always Sees Every Morning On The Train, But She’s Worried He Already Thinks She’s A Creep

ID 103671793 - © Rosshelen - - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 22-year-old girl is interested in a guy who is close to her own age, and she sees him every single morning on the train that she takes.

She’s noticed him for a whole year now, but she has so far not worked up enough courage to actually speak to him or say hi.

Not only has she never spoken to him, but she also has never exchanged a smile or anything with him either.

This guy also happens to get on and off the train at the same station she does, and the platform at this particular station is super long.

Yet, when she sees him in the mornings, he walks down the platform to stand somewhat close to her.

And there they are, just the two of them, silently waiting on this super long platform in complete silence for their train.

As soon as they got onto their train, they never end up sitting close to one another, although, at the beginning of the year, he would sit behind her.

“There are days where I’d purposely sit near him, he’d fidget like crazy, and I’ve caught him looking at me via the window’s reflection,” she explained.

“I take the same evening train back every day, and he knows which train I take back. Last week, I tried to sit near him for two days in a row (…slow down…I know we’re pathetic), and he hid from me for the rest of the week, lol.”

ID 103671793 – © Rosshelen – – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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