She’s Kicking Her Teenage Brother Out of Her Apartment Because He Keeps Having His Friends Over, And They Had A Physical Fight In Her Living Room - illustrative purposes only

This 30-year-old woman’s brother, who is now 17, has been living with him ever since he was just 12-years-old.

Apparently, their mother’s apartment was horrible, and aside from that, it was easier for her brother to get to school from her apartment, anyway.

But, since becoming an older teen, her brother has consistently invited a group of his five friends over to her apartment.

“I’ve known them pretty well. I pretty much saw all of them grow up,” she said.

More recently, though, two of her brother’s friends were involved in some sort of friendship drama. So, while at her apartment, they ended up having an actual fistfight in her living room.

She had been working from home at the time and was actually forced to “quit” a video meeting since the fight was so loud.

Then, she went outside to see what was going on and tried to stop them, but her brother’s friends actually physically restrained her from leaving the hallway.

“It seriously spooked me how powerless I was to stop them or how willing they were to use strength against me,” she revealed.

“What if it was my brother getting stabbed?” – illustrative purposes only

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