A Guy Ghosted Her While They Were On Vacation Together, And She Later Found Out That He Was Married

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TikToker @chanzandchill is talking about how a guy ghosted her while they were on vacation together, and later on, she found out that he was married.

So, for their second date, this guy, who she calls Michael, took her on a vacation to Miami. At one point during their trip, Michael told her that he was going to quickly grab lunch with his sister and would be back by noon. He hadn’t seen his sister in two years.

Before he left, she reminded him that they had lunch reservations for 1:30 p.m. at a place that was notoriously difficult to get a table at. He promised he would return before then.

She headed to the pool to soak up the sun. At 1:10, he still hadn’t come back, so she texted him asking where he was. When he still didn’t reply, she texted him again ten minutes later.

She started to grow increasingly frustrated and sent him a message saying that he was being disrespectful of her time. She pushed their lunch reservations to two o’clock, but he still didn’t make it in time. Finally, he responded and informed her that he had just received some devastating news.

At 3:30, housekeeping arrived to tidy up the hotel room. He still wasn’t back yet, so she let the cleaners in. After they cleaned the shower and made the bed, she took a nap.

When she woke up from her nap, she looked around the room and realized that his stuff wasn’t there. It appeared to her that he retrieved his belongings while she was sleeping. Of course, there was also the possibility that he had picked them up while she was at the pool. Either way, she found it extremely disrespectful.

Then, she noticed that there was a wet washcloth in the shower. Surely, housekeeping would’ve taken care of that. So, the only logical explanation was that he had returned to the room to take a shower, grabbed his stuff, and left without a word. In the end, she decided to take advantage of room service since all the charges would go to his tab.

In a follow-up video, she provided an update on the situation. Thanks to one investigative TikTok user, she managed to gain access to the deed to Michael’s house.

topntp – illustrative purposes only

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