After Going On Three Dates With A Guy, He Told Her That He Loves Her

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 22-year-old girl just began seeing a 25-year-old guy after meeting him through a dating app.

They have been on several dates so far, and she’s concerned that he clearly is feeling more for her than she is for him.

But let’s rewind to their very first date. This guy was honest with her and said that he has actually never been in a relationship in his life, let alone gotten physical with a girl.

She wasn’t bothered by that, as even though she has experienced heartbreak once before, she wouldn’t say that she’s experienced in the dating world in the least.

“However, as each date has progressed (we’ve been on 3), he’s been making more and more big claims to me,” she explained.

“It started with “I’ll never find anyone like you,” and “This is the best night of my life” on dates 1 & 2 (where I gave him his first kiss), to saying “I love you so much” on date number 3.”

“I can tell he’s a very sweet boy who may just be letting the excitement of experiencing these things for the first time get the better of him, but even when I try to stop and explain why him saying those things makes me feel pressure (or even telling him they’re not true; he does not actually love me) he does seem to sort of double down, or he agrees to stop saying them, but I can tell he really thinks he feels them.”

So, while this guy is clearly all in on her, she’s not exactly on the same page. She wants something more on the casual side, while he obviously wants a serious relationship with her.

She has tried to say to him that she would like to take things slow, and that she can’t make any kind of large promises to him.

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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