He Called Off His Wedding After His Fiancée Invited His Estranged Father To Their Ceremony Behind His Back

His mom kept trying to guilt him into inviting his dad that night, but he held his ground and refused to.

He had hoped that would be the last he would hear about the subject, but unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.

Recently, he got a call from his brother, who asked why he changed his mind and invited their dad to his wedding.

He said he had no idea what he was talking about and went home to ask his fiancée if she knew anything about his dad being invited to their wedding.

“I asked if she knew anything about it, and she admitted that she and my mother decided to invite him behind my back,” he recalled.

“[She] said that she was worried I would eventually forgive him and regret not having him at the wedding. I was upset but said I wouldn’t regret it and that I under no circumstance want him there.”

Then, his fiancée told him she was worried about her and their future kids not having a relationship with their grandfather.

After arguing back and forth for a while, his fiancée told him that she couldn’t imagine how he’d treat their kids if he treated his family members like this.

That comment broke his heart, and he became very upset. He told his fiancée that if she felt that way, their wedding was off. He then left their home and checked into a hotel.

His fiancée tried calling and texting him to apologize for days, but he ignored her, telling her they’d chat when he felt ready.

However, his future in-laws invited him over to their home to comfort him and told him no matter what happened between him and their daughter, they’d always love him.

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