He Overheard A Story About A Guy Who Broke Up With His Girlfriend, And She Stuffed Raw Chicken Everywhere In His Dorm Room Before Putting Concrete Mix In His Car’s Gas Tank To Get Revenge

Nejron Photo - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

In the aftermath of a breakup, some exes prefer revenge over civility. A TikTok creator named Dillon White (@dadchats) is sharing a wild story that he overheard while on the bus about the lengths that someone’s ex-girlfriend went to seek vengeance.

So, when he got on the bus and took his seat, there was a man sitting behind him. Dillon assumed the guy was a college student because he had a backpack in the seat next to him.

At the next stop, another guy, who was also a college student, got on the bus and started walking down the aisle. He happened to be friends with the guy behind Dillon and sat down next to him.

The first guy asked the second guy why he was taking the bus if he lived in the dorms. The second guy launched into a detailed explanation of his situation, and for the next twelve minutes, Dillon’s jaw kept dropping as he listened until the conversation reached its end.

The second guy revealed that he had broken up with his ex-girlfriend of four months over the summer.

She was so upset that she found out what dorm he lived in, broke into his room during the first week of college, and stuffed raw chicken everywhere.

The university deemed the dorm unlivable due to the stench that the raw chicken left behind. As a result, he had to move back into his parents’ house in the suburbs. During the first week of classes, he was taking a ride share to campus.

However, he is no longer able to do so because he lost access to his credit cards. His ex had called his bank, pretending to be his mom, and reported fraudulent activity.

She claimed that his card had been stolen. When he got a new card, she did it again.

Nejron Photo – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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