He Told His Girlfriend’s Male Coworker To Back Off, And Then He Got Accused of Being Controlling

At this, his girlfriend asked the entire group of coworkers if they wanted to do shots, and her co-worker seemed irritated that she involved everyone else.

“He keeps trying to talk to her while she’s talking to other people, and she’s already told him a couple of times she’s busy. I get annoyed and just tell him to back off,” he shared.

Then, he told her coworker that it was obvious his girlfriend was speaking to other people and he was being needy.

Her coworker called him “insecure,” and then he shot back that he didn’t think his own girlfriend would be thrilled to learn that she wasn’t invited to this outing because he wanted to hit on a coworker who already had a boyfriend who was sitting right next to her all night.

Once the argument was over, his girlfriend’s coworkers took his side and told their coworker to leave. However, one of his girlfriend’s team members thought he went too far, claiming that their coworker wasn’t crossing any boundaries; they added that it was “controlling” to get mad that another man was talking to his girlfriend.

Do you think he was wrong for asking his girlfriend’s coworker to back off?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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