Her Boyfriend Always Intervenes And Adds Things To The Meals She Makes, And It’s Hurting Her Feelings So Bad That She Wants To Quit Cooking Completely - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 41-year-old woman has a boyfriend three years older than her, and she pretty much always cooks meals for both of them.

She adores cooking, and she gets tons of compliments on what she makes. Her loved ones go crazy for her food, and even strangers have said she’s amazing at cooking.

She’s so into cooking that she has two enormous pantries in her home devoted to herbs, spices, sauces, and even fancy salts.

Unfortunately, her boyfriend really doesn’t appreciate her cooking because he always intervenes and adds things to the meals she makes without even tasting what she has put in front of him first.

“I make curries and roasts, whole roasted poultry, fish and seafood, anything,” she explained. “I make and jar my own pasta sauce from scratch, make all of my own marinades and glazes, [and] can cook French, Asian, Italian, Greek.”

“It never fails. I spend all that time cooking, and then I have to sit and wait while he grabs hot sauce, pickled peppers, steak sauce and dumps it on whatever I have made. From basic bacon and eggs up to beef Wellington or lamb chops. From day one.”

“I’ve asked him to at least try it before he does that. He still does it. Tonight, I made burgers because it’s hot out. I added everything he likes to his. Make out plates and go to sit down and look around to find him in the kitchen roasting peppers over the stove burner.”

Her boyfriend then went to grab some steak sauce out of the fridge before spending the next 15 minutes picking up other things to put on his burger before finally sitting down with her to have dinner.

Every single time that they eat, he does this without fail. He always adds things to the dishes she carefully cooks for him, and it’s making her crazy. – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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